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Wanting the Player

Rules of the Game Book 2

March 25, 2024

Vowing to never sleep with a baseball player might’ve been a curse upon myself.

Given that I suck at relationships, I’m perfectly happy to never be in one again. Men can’t be trusted. Or maybe it’s my heart that can’t be trusted. I don’t know. Either way, especially after the epic fail of a hook up last year with a baseball player that won’t leave me alone, baseball players are no longer an option.

Then Urban Briggs tells me, a stranger, that he’s going to make sure his teammate leaves me alone. Great. I could use the help. Except that player doesn’t leave me alone, and Urban ends up volunteering at the summer camp I’m working at. Of course, he does. His family’s charity runs the camp. Now, I can’t avoid him, and he’s too hard to ignore.

At first, Urban is fine with our arrangement. After all, he’s leaving as soon as the season ends if he has his way. He doesn’t want to leave behind any attachments, either. Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. Can I risk my heart one last time, or am I going to let the best thing in my life walk away?

Wanting the Player is book two in the Rules of the Game series and features a broody baseball player and a woman who isn’t supposed to fall in love who happens to work at his family’s summer camp, where he’s volunteering a little of his time, a standoffish heroine, lots of steam, and it wasn’t supposed to be you vibes.


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