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Kissing the Player

Rules of the Game 1

December 19, 203

He was my brother’s best friend. Totally off limits.

The world knows Silas Briggs as the baseball heartthrob on a hot streak.
I know him as my dead brother’s former friend and my teenage crush.
Four years ago, he broke my young heart by making me think there could be something between us.
He left town and never looked back.

So I did too.

Now I’m back and working for the team, hoping that we can be friendly. Then I see him in person and friendship is the last thing on my mind.

Throw together my hormones raging like I’m still a teen, his best friend trying to win a bet, and Silas keeping his distance and it’s as painful as it sounds.

Then there’s the bet. It’s something he’s done with a friend since they were kids. Only the friend wants me to be part of the bet.

This time, I’m not sure who’s going to break who’s heart and I don’t know that I’ll survive it a second time.


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