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from Heather Young-Nichols



The grumpy baseball player shows up in town in a perpetual bad mood. It isn’t my best day either.

Cobb Briggs needs a ray of sunshine in his life. Unfortunately, I’m not the one and this isn’t the day. Grabbing coffee after I was arrested—again—and finding him there, means he only gets a thunderstorm.

Talking to him is too easy—and my storm clouds begin to clear. For reasons of his own, we’re only going to be friends. He doesn’t even want to be in this town. Then the rumors start to swirl about why he was traded from his last team.

They’re just rumors, right?

They might not be only rumors and my trouble never seems to end. Yet, I still want to win the player over.

Winning the Player is book three in the Rules of the Game series and features a protective baseball player and a woman who has more trouble than she can handle, a fated meeting, lots of steam, and it can never be you vibes.

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Coming Soon

from Heather Young-Nichols

I thought nothing could be worse than my father’s rule.
I was wrong.

Finding out the truth about my mother fills a hole in my life but it also puts me in danger. And because he’d die to protect me, it puts Orin in danger.

My mother wasn’t at all what my father said when he dropped tiny morsels. She was a werewolf from a dying pack. One in which the women don’t make it through childbirth. The rate dropping, the pack is willing to take desperate measures.

Secrets will be uncovered. A world I couldn’t have dreamed up opens up and it’s not good.

Once again, there’s danger around every corner and this time… I might lose the only thing that means anything to me.

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Coming Soon

from Heather Young-Nichols

Fate brought me to the woods that night.

I thought I was exploring. Finally doing something that I’d been afraid to do.

I was pulled to Northern Michigan to a desolate area where no one lived. Except people did live there. Or rather, Gremlins and Goblins did.

At first, I didn’t believe them. Then I couldn’t deny it.

I saved one of them and for that, they would keep me safe.

Except no one can keep me safe.

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