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Forever Lennox

Forever 18 Book 3

November 8, 2022

Rule #1 – Never date your bandmate’s sister.

A woman has owned my heart for years but she’s off limits, I try to drown her out with other women. Relationships aren’t in the cards for me. If I can’t have her, I don’t want anyone else.

When our families come to a show, she’s there with her brother and I can’t keep my damn eyes off her.

She needs a break from her life so her brother offers her a vacation. One that means she’ll be on the tour with us for a while.
Avalon is exactly the woman that I want but her brother is my bandmate and that’s the first rule. We can’t mess with anyone’s family because that’s going to lead somewhere bad.

I can’t help it though. Avalon is everywhere and we’re both ready to admit our feelings.

She’s a virgin that I don’t want to hurt.
Her brother wants to kill me.

Then she walks in on a bad situation and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to get her back if I have to.


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