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Forever Grayson

Forever 18 Book 1

May 24, 2022

One night changed everything.

One night with Lilah three years ago and I can’t stop thinking about her. I didn’t even know her last name.
I’ve enjoyed the constant women on the road but not one of them made a mark like she did. She’d wanted me when I was nobody and now, women only want me because I’m somebody.

When our stylist quits right before we’re about to head out on tour, our manager hires a new one.

Magically, Lilah walks back into my life.

Except she wants to keep things professional while all I can think about it getting her naked again.

Until I see something that I can’t unsee and I know she’s been lying to me for three years.
This lie could cost her everything but for me, it could change my life.


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