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Forever Thatcher

Forever 18 Book 4

January 17, 2023

He was the boy I left behind. Now he’s the damn rock star that I can’t stop thinking about.

I was once the teenage girl everyone recognized even while living in a foreign country. Luckily, I had Thatcher. He was my friend and before I left… he was my first.

Years have gone by but when I’m backed into a corner by a creepy director, Thatcher’s there to protect me again. Only now he’s a famous rock star that everyone knows.

Pictures get out. They always do. Rumors swirl—not surprising. Everyone has an opinion about the French actress and the rock star. None of it’s true, but to help keep the grabby director at bay, Thatcher suggests we fake it.

I’m an actress. I can fake anything.
Except not having feelings for him.

But he’s the only one who can help me now.


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