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Silas and Amity Bonus Scene

Thank you for reading Kissing the Player!

As a special treat, you've found the bonus scene featuring Silas and Amity!




“This is the fucking best thing ever,” Silas said after he’d opened the door.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room of his apartment in a pair of shorts and a Kalamazoo Knights T-shirt. My hair was down and probably a mess.


It’d been a busy week.


Silas dropped his bag by the door, stalked over until he was behind the couch, then flung himself over until he’d knocked me over so that I was on my back. But my legs were folded beneath his big body. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist and held me tightly. I pushed my fingers into his recently washed hair.


“Being home?” I asked.


“You being here in my home.” He pushed up so that he could kiss me, which gave me the perfect opportunity to straighten my legs. Silas fit perfectly between them.


“You better appreciate it. It was a lot of work.”


“I’m sorry, baby.” He looked like he meant it at least. “I wish I could’ve been here.”


The team had four days of away games and since I wasn’t on the trip, Silas wanted me to move all of my things into his apartment.


At first, I wasn’t sure. I mean, we hadn’t been together long and it’d only been days since he’d shown up at my apartment to apologize.


But he insisted he wanted us to share a space. He’d said that I was his home and he wanted me to be there. He even offered to move into my apartment but his was much bigger. And nicer.


It was all modern and high end with the stainless steel appliances and an apron sink like I’d always wanted. Though he said I could change anything that I wanted, there wasn’t much for now.

The door to the bathroom opened and my dad walked out causing Silas to reluctantly push himself off me.


“Hey, Coach,” Silas said as he stood up. I followed. At least he was a good sport. After all, Silas hadn’t known my dad was here in the first place.


“May as well start calling me Steven,” he told Silas.


“Or Dad?” Silas responded trying to keep his smile at bay.


Dad scowled. “Steven will suffice.”


After nudging Silas with my elbow, I said, “You might not want to poke at him. He’s the reason I agreed to this insanity. If not for him assuring me that this wasn’t completely bonkers, you’d have come home to an empty apartment tonight.”


Dad smirked when all the humor fell from Silas’ face.


“I guess I have you to thank,” Silas said instead.


Dad shook his head. “No thanks needed. You can show your gratitude by taking good care of my daughter.”


Now, more serious, Silas told him, “I’d do that anyway.”


When Silas asked me to move in here just days after his apology, I immediately said no. It was too soon. But it was my dad who reminded me that we’d known each other basically out whole lives. It wasn’t like I’d only known him since I got back to Kalamazoo.


Dad told me that if this was something I wanted, I had to take the leap and trust Silas with my heart. I already did trust him with that so I might as well trust him with my living situation.


After giving me a hug, Dad told us goodbye and then left.


“Did you drop that check off to your apartment?” Silas asked as he went to the kitchen.


I groaned. “I did but I’d like to say once again that paying that much just to get me out of my lease is incredibly stupid.”


He stopped and set down the bottle of water he’d just grabbed. Then he came over to me and didn’t stop until his body was touching mine.


“I would’ve paid four times that or hell, ten times that if it means you can live here.”


I shook my head. I’d just signed a lease on my apartment when I got back to town. Because of that, I’d told Silas that I couldn’t move in with him. Had to wait the lease out.


He took that as a challenge, called the property manager himself and worked out a settlement of the lease that was worth basically my entire lease.


Just so that he could be with me every night he wasn’t on the road, he said.


“That’s so much money.”


“Pfh. You know I made like a hundred times that playing tonight’s game right?”


I scowled at him. “I’m aware of your salary but that doesn’t mean you want to be irresponsible with it?”


He chuckled then stepped back. “I don’t buy flashy things. I don’t buy expensive cars. I’m not irresponsible with my money and what it took to get you to agree to move here was cheap. I just with I’d been here to help you with the move.”


I shrugged. “I don’t have that much. Dad and I moved it all just fine. Camden and Harlowe helped too.”


“And I’ll make sure they know that I appreciate it. Now…” He did a big fake yawn with his arms reaching over his head. “I played hard today. Time for us to go to bed.”


I cocked my head to the side and narrowed my eyes on him. “It’s eight o’clock. I’m not tired yet.”


“Baby.” He took my hands in his and started to pull me toward the bedroom. “It’s code.”


Now I was the one that couldn’t hold in the laughter. “So you wanted me to move in here so you could have sex with me every night.”


“It’s very good for my game.”


I laughed harder. It wasn’t like going into his room was a hardship, knowing what he wanted to do in there.

It’d be the first night I’d spent in his apartment… er, our apartment. Somehow, I knew I’d get used to the new bed quickly.


“I hope you’re not going to have a problem with the amount of money we spend on a house,” he told me as his pulled my shirt over my head.


“House?” I asked as he yanked his own shirt over his head.


Silas was all golden muscles and hard planes. Baseball certainly did a body good.


“Yeah. I don’t want to stay here long. I want us in a house that can become our home.”


“Jesus.” He yanked my pants down roughly, leaving me standing there in just my bra and panties. “You going to put a ring on is and keep me barefoot and pregnant too?”


One corner of his mouth turned up. “Well, yeah. That’s the plan.”


All I could do was shake my head. Silas didn’t want kids yet. Hell, I didn’t want kids yet, but the way he’d said it made it sound like I should absolutely have been expecting a ring in the very near future.


But I couldn’t focus on that.


Now with the way his mouth was trailing up my leg or the way he lifted one of my legs so that it rested on the bed while the other was still on the floor, a move that splayed me open in a way that should’ve embarrassed me.


It didn’t.

I was with Silas. He wasn’t going to do anything that I didn’t love.

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