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Moonstruck Book 1

November 21, 2023

After living under my father's rule, I’m about to break free.

My father has kept me on a short leash my entire life. It doesn’t seem as if he likes me very much. To him, I’m a commodity. Something he can trade to grow his wealth. It doesn’t matter that the man he’s chosen for me to marry is mean and cruel.

Then Orin shows up at a ball he isn’t supposed to be at. I don’t know it but he’s here for me.

Finding out what he is… scares the hell out of me.

Finding out I’m his supposed mate… I don’t know that I’ll recover.

Orin won’t hurt me and anything I have to deal with is better than living under my father’s thumb.

Until a rival pack makes a grave mistake. They take me from Orin and I don’t think any of them will live to see morning.


in Audio

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