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Thatcher and Modestie Bonus Scene

Thank you for reading Forever Thatcher. Thatcher and Modestie were fun to write and give them a happily ever after.

But now... we get to see that infamous first night between them six years ago!


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Modestie Dubois was leaving.

She’d come to Michigan as an exchange student, spent the year, and now it was time for her to go. More than anything I wished she could stay but also that I hadn’t wasted the year not being with her.


The last part, I couldn’t really regret. Modestie had needed friends when she got here. Me and the guys were happy to be that for her. But the closer she and I had gotten… the more I wanted to see her naked.


That made me feel like an asshole because of all the times she’d said that I was the best friend she’d ever had. Friends didn’t jack off to the thought of their friend. Yet when I thought of her, I blew my load so quickly that I almost couldn’t stand.

Now she was leaving.


“Are you sure you don’t want a going away party?” I asked her as we sat on the beach. The sun had set and the waves were calmly lapping against the sand.


She shook her head. “No. I’ve said goodbye to everyone who matters.”


I swallowed hard. She hadn’t said goodbye to me yet but I knew it was coming.


“Can I tell you something?” she asked.


Modestie had her golden blonde hair up in a bun when we’d gotten here but she’d taken it down. The bun had left gentle waves cascading down her back. The light allowed me another look at her amber eyes.


I nudged her with my shoulder before saying, “Of course you can.”


Modestie had become a part of our group over the year. She’d sat in the garage for hours listening to me and the guys play. She was the one that said she thought we’d be famous one day though I wasn’t sure any of us believed her.

“I don’t have a lot of people in my life that I can truly trust.” Her admission had my muscles hardening. “No one mistreats me exactly, though there’s a case to be made on the bad parenting of my father.” She let out a humorless laugh. Modestie hadn’t shared a lot of that world with me. She’d said she wanted to forget about it while she was here. “But I trust you, Thatcher.”


I fucking loved the sound of her accent when she said my name.


She was very good at keeping the accent away most of the time.


“I’m glad you trust me,” I told her as I wrapped an arm around her. “I’ll always be there for you.”

She blew out a short breath which told me that she wasn’t done yet. “I’ve never had a boyfriend,” she admitted which blew me the hell away. Not that she’d ever said anything to make me think otherwise but Modestie was smart, funny, and a god damned knockout. Not to mention a fucking actress. She had to have guys beating down her door. “Which means… I’m a virgin.”


Now it was my turn to blow out a slow breath. That wasn’t what I was expecting. When she looked up at me with those amber eyes… My heart melted.


“It’s fine to be a virgin. No big deal.” But that wasn’t where I thought this was headed.


She swallowed hard. “What would you say if I told you that I wanted you to be my first? Tonight. Before I leave tomorrow.”


Yup. I had the control of a twelve-year-old right then, and almost came in my jeans. “You don’t want—”

“I do. I trust you, Thatcher. You’ve been just… everything. Sweet and caring. You’ve watched out for me the way no one has in my life. I… I don’t want my first time to be with anyone else.” She took a calming breath. “But if you don’t want to, I understand.”


I reached out, sliding my hand over her jaw to turn her head back to me. “That is not what I said.” I glanced at her mouth then back at her eyes. “I want you to be sure. We’re friends. I want to stay friends after you leave and I wouldn’t want this to fuck it up.”


“Aren’t you friends with other girls you’ve slept with?’


“No,” I told her honestly. That wasn’t something I did even though my mother told me it made me an asshole sometimes.


“I think we can still be friends after.” She wet her lips as her breath quickened. “I mean we can’t be more. I’m leaving.”


“Exactly.” I thought it over for a moment but knew I was going to give her this. She wanted to be with me and I’d wanted her for months. So I stood and reached out my hand. “Come on.”


She took it and followed me.


I drove us back to my house because my entire family was up north for the annual family campout. Though it was at the cabins. Usually, I’d go and a lot of the time the guys would come with me but I stayed home this year because it was Modestie’s last weekend.


Once we were inside, I locked the door behind us because I didn’t want to chance one of the guys bursting though at the worst time. Then I led her to my bedroom.


It’d been a long time since I was nervous about sex but tonight was the exception.


This was Modestie.

In my room, I turned on the small desk lamp so that we’d have enough light without blinding either of us. I wanted this to be good for her. It was something she was going to remember forever. Everyone remembered their first time. I knew I’d remember this forever.

I moved in close to her and cupped her cheeks. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as her fingers twisted around each other.

She was nervous. Of course she was.

But I dove in. Gently at first, kissing her like she was precious because she was. I licked at the seam of her lips with coaxed her to part and I danced my tongue into her mouth. Modestie tasted like strawberries. Probably from the ice cream we’d had a bit ago.

I tried to go slow with her but I was an anxious eighteen year old and sooner than I’d intended, we were both naked on my bed. Fuck, I wanted to take my time with her. Explore her body in a way that would leave my mark on her. The tightness in my spine and balls said I wasn’t going to be able to do any of that.

We kissed as I trailed my hands down her body. My lips followed. When I sucked a nipple into my mouth, her breath caught but when my fingers touched between her legs, I thought she stopped breathing as her legs tightened around my hand.

“You sure you’re OK with this?” I asked then kissed right below her ear.

She nodded but that wasn’t good enough. “No, Modestie. I need to hear you say the words or I have to stop.”

She blew out a quick breath. “I’m sure. I want this, Thatcher.”

I pulled back and sucked my fingers into my mouth so that they’d be nice and wet then went back to do what I knew how to do. I circled her clit, the moisture making it an easy slide. I kissed her as she cupped my face. When the time came, I slowly slid a single finger into her.

Fingering her wasn’t what I wanted to be doing but I had to make sure she was ready and this would be as painless as possible. She squeezed my shoulders at the intrusion and her muscles clenched again.

She was so fucking tight that I knew I’d have to move with care.

Once I thought she was ready, I grabbed a condom from my dresser and slid it down my cock. I needed to calm down or this wasn’t going to last long.

It took a lot of restraint and a lot of care to push my cock into her. Modestie had her eyes closed and her lips bitten together. When I was almost in she made this little noise that I knew mean it hurt. I wished I could take that hurt for her but there was no way around this. Only through.

I thrust my hips so that I was balls deep making her groan. Then I held still so she could get used to me.

“You OK?” I asked. She didn’t answer at first. Finally, she opened her eyes and nodded. Which meant I could move.

The problem was that she felt so fucking good, better than anyone I’d been with so on the fourth thrust, I’d let go when I didn’t even mean to.


That wasn’t how this should’ve gone.

I pulled out of her slowly, grabbed my shirt off the floor to remove the condom then laid beside her. She had her brows furrowed.

“That was…” She paused like she was trying to think of the right words.

“Terrible. I know. I’m sorry. I couldn’t hang on.” I turned on my side and propped my head on my hand. “Can I have a redo?”

She giggled. “What? No. I can’t become a virgin again. I’m not a virgin anymore right?”

I rolled my eyes because she was giving me shit about how short that had been, in her own way. “Funny. Yeah. That wasn’t my best work.”

“Was it me? Do you not—”

“It was you but not how you’re thinking.” I kissed her temple. “Let me have a redo. I have to send you home with something better to remember.”

She giggled again. “We can do it again.”

I thanked the universe that she was willing to give me that chance because I knew I could make it so much better for her. It had been the combination of taking the time to make sure she was as wet as she could’ve been and the fact that it was her that turned me into a three pump chump.

No. This time would be different.

This time, I used my mouth to make her come before I even got started. Once she was ready, I put on another condom and was able to control myself. This time, I gave her a second orgasm before I even considered letting myself go.

The problem was… I didn’t want to let her go at all.

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