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Daisy and Lawson Bonus Scene

Thank you for reading Daisy. Daisy and Lawson were meant for each other even when I never planned to give Lawson his own book. Readers adamently insisted that he had his own book so when I came up with Daisy, I knew she'd be the perfect fit.


I hope you love seeing them one more time in this BONUS scene!

Daisy Flatlay.jpg

The first time I see you can’t be when you come down the aisle.

I stared at that text for a full minute before replying. Why is that?


A smile played on my lips as I thought of as many of the answers that could’ve been coming through on the next message that I could.


Lawson Styles could be creative.


If I do, everyone will be able to see what I think.


That didn’t make sense. I scrunched up my nose and replied, How will they see? I think you’re making up excuses to come see me.


They’ll see!!! Then he added an eggplant emoji that caused me to cackle so loudly that I startled my bridesmaids.


“You OK over there, Daisy?” Lexi Styles, my future sister-in-law, asked.


“Yeah.” I had to catch my breath. Then I shook my phone at her and said, “Your brother.”


She cocked her head to the side. “Trying to convince you to let him come see you now?” I nodded. “OK, ladies, we have to vacate the room.”


My best friend, Bri, Lexi, and my other two bridesmaids shuffled from the room in a flurry of whispers and giggles. No one doubted that I’d be letting him come in. Not because I thought the entire room would’ve really been able to see his erection but because it was hard to deny Lawson anything he wanted when it came to me. He wanted everything so fervently that I felt bad denying him.

They’d left and about thirty seconds later, Lawson slid in the door. He had his back to me at first which brought me closer. He turned and took a calming breath as his eyes scanned over my body.


“We can just get out of here.” Lawson pressed his forehead to mine as he wrapped his arms around me.


“We can’t do that.”


“Wanna bet? Three minutes. Give me three minutes and we’re gone. No one will even notice.”


Well, that I had to snicker at. I ran my fingertips over the back of his head and down his neck, as far as I could go given the collar of his shirt. “I’m pretty sure they’ll all notice,” I told him. “We’re kind of the main event. You’re not even supposed to be in here.”


That was the tradition, right? Grooms don’t see the bride before the wedding.


I said fuck tradition the moment he sent me a text saying that the first time he saw me couldn’t be when I was coming down the aisle.


“Besides,” I said as my eyes fluttered closed. “Our parents would never forgive us.”


“I don’t care.” His breath feathered over my neck.


I pulled him back so that he’d have to look at me and ran my thumbs over his cheeks. “I do,” I whispered, knowing that would erase any thoughts of running no matter how much both of us wanted to at that moment. “Besides, you didn’t even say anything about my dress.” I pushed my lip out into a fake pout because he knew I didn’t normally care about compliments.


Too many had been floated my way over the years. But I’d fallen in love with this dress the moment I saw it.


Lawson took my hands into his as he stepped back as if it was the first time he realized that I was wearing clothing.


This dress was me in fabric. It was long but not poofy. There wasn’t a spec of crinoline under this skirt. But it was an A-line V-neck—the V went almost to my belly button but was covered with a sheer fabric so it wasn’t like I was showing the goodies. It was sleeveless though had thick straps over my shoulders and a beautiful daisy applique over the bodice and the bottom of the skirt that looked like the daisies were climbing toward my waist.

The best part was the purple dusting of color over the bodice and the skirt. On the skirt, it started out light and got darker as it went down.


“Wow,” he said but it was almost under his breath. “You look beautiful, Daisy.”


A smile curved my lips. “Thank you. When my mom saw this dress she looked at yours and said we’re done here. Before I even put it on.”


He nodded but hadn’t taken his eyes off me yet. “It’s you. I don’t think any other dress has ever been more perfect for you.”


“That’s what I thought.” He wrapped his arms around my waist again. “Now wouldn’t you hate to miss all this walking down the aisle toward you.”


He didn’t answer. Not with words anyway. His thumbs caressed my cheeks then he leaned in for a kiss.


My makeup was going to need to be touched up.


“What about a little something to hold me over?” he murmured against my lips.

Now I couldn’t help the giggle. I knew exactly what he was talking to. “You better not mess this dress up.”


“Wouldn’t think of it.”


But I knew even then that the dress wouldn’t be coming off.


Lawson kissed me until I was breathless as he slowly slid his hand under my dress. This was going to be quick and I was here for it. A little shot of Lawson was exactly what I needed to keep any nerves at bay. I had none about marrying him. It also wasn’t the crowd given what I performed in front of. But it was the whole situation.


He circled his fingers over my clit as he kissed down my neck, working his magic until I was almost begging for it. That’s when he pulled a condom out of somewhere and rolled it down himself.


“You were so sure this was going to happen?” I asked, my voice sounding like a panting dog.


“No.” When I raised an eyebrow he chuckled. “I had hope.”


Once he was covered, he pushed me over to a table as he owned me with his kisses. When he moved my panties aside and pushed inside me, my breath caught and I wrapped a hand around the back of his neck to hang on for the ride. He groaned this low, sexy sound that told me he was trying to make sure no one outside would hear us.


When I knew he was close, his hand slid over my thigh so that he could stroke my clit again. It wasn’t long before I came undone and he followed right behind me.

Lawson dropped his forehead to mine as we tried to catch our breaths. After pulling out of me, he righted my panties, then found some tissue on the end table which he used to clean himself up a bit.


“I’ll stop in the restroom on my way back.”


I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip and nodded. I’d do that too though he was definitely messier than I was.


We’d just righted all of our clothing when there was a knock at the door.


“Come in,” I called right before Lawson kissed me again. Then he headed toward the door.


“It’s not like we don’t know what you were doing in here,” his sister said as he passed.


“And I’m OK with that.” He winked at me then left me with the girls.


Bri fought a smile as she said, “You should probably get put back together.”


Then we all giggled. I didn’t care that they knew what Lawson wanted or what we did. But they were right. I did need to get myself back together.


Only fifteen minutes after Lawson had been inside me I was standing with my dad getting ready to walk toward my husband.


“You ready for this?” Dad asked.


“Of course.”


“He’s a good man,” he said. My parents had gotten to know Lawson really well and I was thankful that we both got along so well with the other’s family. “He sure loves you.”


I smiled up at him. “He does.”


Dad gave me a squeeze as the music started.


First, my bridesmaids headed down the aisle. If I had my way, I wouldn’t have so many but Lawson wanted all of my brothers to be part of this so I didn’t have a choice.


Then it was my turn.


Lawson stood at the end of the aisle with a sexy grin and his hands folded in front of him, looking at me like he hadn’t just seen me a few minutes ago.


I’d never been more sure of the fact that he was my forever.

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